I have a new dress! It’s weird but it feels like an age since I’ve made a dress, summer, last one on the blog was this one. Most sewing bloggers seem to be in constant supply but I simply don’t wear dresses very often. For this however, I’ve made the exception. The fabric is actually a wool but it looks like a denim. It’s not the softest to wear but I’m glad of the wools warmth. At the moment Ireland’s weather is colder in spring than in winter (usually this is the one time of the year we get heat)


The fabric is another piece from my beloved murphy sheehy’s! The piece is particularly meaningful. I was doing work experience there back in December, I was there for a week of fabric fondling. Since it was a relatively quiet week we were tidying the shop and found this piece of fabric. It was then rolled and brought to the front of the shop. I stalked watched that roll for the week, praying no one would buy it. Then, come Friday, I finally gave in and was about to buy it when I was given a thankyou for my week. Inside was €50 gift voucher for the shop! I was overjoyed, I immediately grabbed the roll and got two meters to make a dress, they even gave a discount for the amount as well! I love that place.The arm patch pieces are also from murphey sheehy’s. They were a little remnant of suede that I found in the shop and was allowed to bring home.


You may also be thinking, “That’s also a nice laurel“, well unfortunately I can’t enter their competition because it’s not a laurel. This is actually my own pattern. Another difference is, sans darts, this dress is made from a dartless block. I think it’s also a looser style, but I haven’t seen any other versions of the dress apart from the collet teams one.


If you want to do some super contrast, or not, elbow patches on your own garments you can check out Megan’s version. I did it a different way but hers is probably more professional, I also used zig-zag stitch instead of straight stitch.

That’s it for the moment but I’ll be back soon!



  1. Kathryn · April 17, 2013

    That fabric looks and sounds amazing! I just assumed it was denim on first look but like it even better knowing it’s wool – it must be so warm! The contrast patches looks great too.

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