Ice cream


Finally some new projects. I made this before I went to china and it kept my head very warm while I was there. The wool I used is a slik and wool blend, Rowan’s silky tweed which I just found out has been discontinued. I picked up the yarn at a sale I think a year or so ago. I’d been planning a pair of mittens with it because it was so soft but instead I decided to make a hat. I used a very basic rib pattern, which when knitted in the round made the hat make up in no time at all! I did add in a twist though…..


I added in colourwork! Didn’t I say the pattern used two balls of yarn! I had bought the two with an idea of mixing the colours from the start. I thought that the pattern for the hat was so simple that I should add in this element. I’m super happy with the effect. I’ve been told it looks like a crown,a sun and my personal favourite, icecream. The colour work chart is really simple so for anyone who’s interested I’ll have a photo up on the hat’s ravelry page!

P.s. Just got my photos back from development 🙂


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