China Love

DSC_0445I’m back! China was amazing. I had so much fun and I saw so much! More photos to come soon I promise. My film is being developed as we speak.


I’m gonna show you some of the stuff that I got while I was away. The above photo is a little purse that I got for 60 yuan, or €6.80 roughly. I also got a little thimble for my nana and really cool giant earrings for me. The fabric is silk. It’s fairly heavy, as in you could probably make a jacket out of it if you wanted, maybe an evening coat……

DSC_0449DSC_0451These two are both wools, for €12 for two meters each (and one of them’s italian wool) I think I did pretty well. I’m not sure what I’ll make with them yet but I’ll get back to you on that.

DSC_0452 DSC_0455I also got some calligraphy brushes, a small one and a big one. While we were in china we took a small calligraphy class, so now I can keep up my skills.

DSC_0458And I got myself some real pearls! Tested and everything. Just wanted to check back and show some of the cool stuff I got. would do a proper fabric post but I didn’t buy much. We did go to this huge market place where I got most of my stuff and part of that was a tailor area which was also sold there. You don’t really have to hunt for fabric there.

Post soon!


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