Tweed stitch

Stitch of the month logoDSC_0362As per promised, the stitch of the month. This month the stitch is tweed stitch. This is a bit of an odd one to make up but the end effect looks pretty cool. The book I found it in said that it should be used for homewares but I think that it’s really too cool for that. The stitch is a bit like a weave which means that it’s very rigid. I’d reccomend to go up one, possibly even two needles sizes. For example if the wool usualy uses size 5mm knitting needles knit this stitch in size 6mm or 6.5mm knitting needles.

DSC_0353This stitch is worked over an uneven number of stitches, in this case I made up the sample over 21 stitches.

You knit the first stitch as normal.

DSC_0354For the next stitch bring your yarn forward

DSC_0355Then slip the next stitch purl-wise

DSC_0356Then bring the yarn to the back of the sliped stitch then knit the next stitch as normal. Repeat these steps for the knit row

DSC_0357For the purl row begin with purling 2 stitches. Then bring the wool back

DSC_0358Slip the next stitch purl-wise

DSC_0359Then bring yarn forward then purl the next stitch. Repeat these steps for the purl row

These two rows make up the pattern. The stitch knits up so that the piece is wider then the length when the the number of rows and the amount of stitches equal.


This is 21stitches by 21 rows

Enjoy the stitch if you have any questions you can leave I comment. Hope you find this useful.



  1. Connie · November 9, 2015

    Hi, could i ask what book you found this stitch in?
    thank you

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