A Christmas scarf

DSC_0331For Christmas I decided to make my dad a scarf. I was making my grandad a striped scarf when my dad choked “I’d like a scarf too”. This was a week from Christmas, my next week was work experience in my favourite fabric shop. My first day during my lunch hour I decided to make my dad a scarf, chunky wool because I would’ve otherwise had nothing for Christmas.

DSC_0333I then knitted on the train into work, this may sound like nothing to some of you but the amount of looks I got was unbelievable. I’m glad it’s finished because I got kind of sick of constantly being looked at. Good thing I had ear phones so I could block everything out. The most entertaining thing about this scarf was that my dad was complaining all week that he wanted a scarf and that I was making one for everyone else except him. I didn’t tell him that I was making him one and I was super secretive. The best thing was seeing his face on Christmas morning when he opened it up.

DSC_0334The pattern is really basic, a moss stitch for the ends and a 1×1 rib for the main body. You can find more info on ravelry.


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