DSC_0340It’s that time of the year again. Books and inspiration gallore, and nail varnish, of course.DSC_0342I got style feed, a fashion blog guide. I really liked reading about the different blogs and now I’m looking around at the actual blogs. Ohh the DIY’s!

DSC_0343I also got Merchant and Mills sewing book. It’s really a begginers guide but it looks gorgeous and I really wanted to make this top. I am learning new things from it though as I learnt all my sewing young and I can’t remember all of it.
DSC_0345I also got a knitting book. Another basic knitting book but i’ve had my eye on this book since last year. The photography is gorgeous, and (if your a knitter you’ll understand) the stitch samples and HUGE! You can actually see what your knitting before it’s made up and you can see what it looks like in colour. Stitch guides are brilliant but the tiny black and white picture cannot compare  to these samples. The only problem is that the project photos are kinda vague, I kinda want to see what a jumper or cardigan looks like on a person before I start knitting it. But thats the only fault.

I also got pattern magic but wordpress and the photo seem to be having a fight as the photo won’t come out the right way. The gift was a complete surprise, before the book might’ve scared me but it intrigues me. The diagrams are kind of scary though, can’t wait to show my sewing teacher, she might faint! Remember this shirt, squeezed out of a meter and a half of fabric, yes, I’m the remnants queen!


My first ever ‘posh’ nail varnish.Two coats was all it took to get the true colour! I did get urban outfitters nail varnish last year but it was a pack, these were seperate. And you may ask ‘Why did you paint your nails orange in the middle of winter?’, why, because. I felt like some fun and brightness in all the dark.

Lots of knitting going on as well so I’ll be back soon!


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