Print Shirt

DSC_0320I made a new shirt. Sorry about not posting about the fabric shops but I still have to edit it and make the post look good. Back to the shirt, I made the pattern in, no surprise, the Grafton Academy. This was however my first piece that I made during my evening course. The hardest thing about this pattern was the covered placket (the fact that you can’t see the buttons). Since the pattern of the fabric is so busy I didn’t want to complicate it with showing buttons. I kept the darts small, shape wide and the collar minimal. Over all I’m happy with the result but I kinda wish that the linen draped better. I got some really nice black silk in Paris, so maybe my next version….

DSC_0313Please ignore the broken laundry basket in the corner. Well, surprise surprise, the fabric is from murphy sheehy’s. I think i’m slightly obsessed with that shop. I got this back during my summer holidays. It’s a lightweight linen which I got for €7 a meter, I got a meter and a half. I bought this with the intent to make a blouse really similar to this. I only had a meter and a half so squeezing the pattern onto the amount of fabric that I had. There’s a small bit of patching but most of it’s hidden. The buttons are small shell ones, you can’t see them but they work.

DSC_0316Sorry about the slightly fuzzy pictures and weird faces. My mom photographer fell on her hand and is now in a cast so blog photo quality is slightly off the ajenda.

My cardigan is finished so I should have photos by next week. I’m so excited, I’m doing a week of work experience in John Rocha next week! Oh, outfit choices gallore! Can’t wait, I’ll do more updates soon.


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