I’m back from Paris! I had an amazing time. I was away since last Saturday, I spent Sunday organising my fabric and seeing the new bond film. I decided to do another Me-made-holiday. I was much more succesfull this time!.

Day 1: Travel day, no big inovation since we spent the day in airports.

Wearing my coat.

Day 2: My mom and I hit the streets of Paris, We walked around the Mare district for a bit. I even got myself a hat! Wearing my coat and my jumper.

Day 3: (Photo below) I walked around abit again, finaly with some film in my camera. I took a few cool photos. We also saw the seriously busy Gariale La Fayette where there were some poor husbands with little suitcases for their wives/ girlfriends purchases. We also had a really delicious lunch in a little bar around the corner. Later we went to mono-prix to find some seriously well priced cashmere jumpers. €89 for a really warm and soft cashmere jumper….. yes please! Wearing my coat, this top (even though you can’t see it) and a new scarf.

 Day 4:

We walked around some smaller streets where there were an impressive amount of camera shops selling second hand old lenses. I didn’t get one, unfourtuantley. We also had the most amazing shepeds pie. No peas, nice mash and good spices and flavours! It was heaven in a bowl. We also headed into the mare district again to check out the giant harberdashery there. I got some really cool feather ribbon. I eyed up some of their fabric but I simply couldn’t afford it. Wearing my jersey top.

Day 5: I spent the day with my dad. In the first stretch we saw some of his more specialist shops. Later we saw the Arc de Triompe, just as the sun was going down.

Just a note to say that my legs are not actually this long. My dad took the photo from below. In actual fact I think I’m about 5foot 7 and a half.

A little photo of what we saw at the top of the Arc de Triompe.Day 6: Here I am doing my ‘I am french, and I am chic!’ (said in a very ridicuously incorrect french accent!)

Here I am wearing my navy top. We first went to a local market which was opened for a holiday. We also met up with one of my parents friends and had lunch with her in a vegan restaurant. The food turned out to be much nicer then I thought it would be but french cuisine is usualy on another level to everyone else. Later that evening we had a reservation at Bofinger. The one with the bullet hole in mirror. We didn’t get to see it but the photo at the very top was taken after the meal. I’m wearing my maroon dress and of courses my coat which already has several linkings in this post. I’m also wearing a scarf which has not yet been published.

Day 7: I only have my evening photo as you can probobly see, I don’t go around dressing in velvet cardigans! I’m wearing my navy top.

That day was day I found true love. Love that is genuine and true. I found Paris’s fabric shops! I think I may of scared my mom a little by how excited I was. I was beaming for the whole morning. I will of course have to have a post on the fabric shops (which I took lots of photo’s for!) and on the fabric. I’m not a big spender but I do love a good bargain. Later in the day we went out for lunch and then saw a rather cool photoshoot!

If you see anything soon in the same kind of vampire, gothic, edwardian theme/ look can you leave a comment because I would be chuffed to know I was there when it happened. You know the whole loving fashion and how it’s created aspect.

Day 8: My last day 😦 Hence the sad looking expression.

Wearing my this top. First we decided to go to some of the cool markets in Paris. We went to the wrong one unfourtuantly. Really terrible, people moving away their stalls as soon as the police come around bad. We quickly headed back to city centre. We decided to have a nice lunch and stroll around the Mare district after getting a little freaked out by the earlier markets. Later in the day we got to the airport to get home. We almost didn’t make it due to the security, thankfully two nice women in front of us let us through when we were 5 minutes from our departure. We got home to our iceberg of a home to turn on every light and heater in it!

A little shot of Paris in the night from the plane. I hope you all had a nice week while I was away. I have some amazing fabric that I got while I was away that I can’t wait to share with you. I’m also going to do a list of some of the best fabric shops that I came across in Paris.


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