Today my blog is exactly one year old! If you want to see, check out my first ever blog post. It’s almost feels strange to see it now. The year has passed by quickly. I had such a crazy time last year so it was nice to always have a place to show my work and clothing and whatever suited my fancy. I’m particuarly chuffed to of picked up 11 folowers along the way and also to of gotten 87 views in a day for my coat. In the begining I would get super happy that one person had viewed my blog, I still am but it doesn’t have that beginners happiness of doing something right for the first time. Over the year I have sewn 20 items of clothing! and knitted 5 and that’s only the ones that are finished and posted! I also recently saw this blog post  and I decided that maybe I should do something similar-ish.

Most Worn: (link in the photo) By far the most worn. I wore this thing no-stop all summer. Brilliant with tights and cute without them too, perfect skirt for Ireland. I also got the fabric at a really good price!.

Most Loved: I adore this coat, by the end of the winter it will probobly be the most worn thing I’ve made. In this photo it’s worn with shorts but that was because it was really warm that day. I usualy wear it with jeans which it looks fantastic with.

Favourite photograph: This is one of my favourite photos from the blog. I love the mix of the velvet, silk and wool. Another photo that I love that isn’t of clothing but of my camera (picture below)

I set up my blog simply to show some off skills to the world of the web. It’s been fun to see it evolve and to see the support from everyone. Thanks to everyone who has ever liked a post, posted a comment or become a follower!




One comment

  1. gingermakes · October 19, 2012

    Happy blogiversary! These are all such cute garments!

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