Hanger Appeal

A new top, I finaley got around to getting this photographed. I made this back during the summer. It then spent ages waiting to get ironed and then to get photographed. The weather has just been really dull lately.

Sorry about the slightley akward shots, my mom was trying to do photographer, and I can’t do model! Anyway, the pattern is another of my own me-made ones. I made this in my summer course. The fabric is this buttery soft, lightweight cotton that I got during my summer holidays in sweden. The fabric ended up working out perfectly for the pattern. It had just enough flare and drape. I also loved the seam-work, it made the top really easy to get the fit perfect.

Here is a side view.

Here is why the post is called ‘Hanger appeal’. While I was sewing this I decided to do frech seams on the inside. The teacher looked at it and said ‘it has great hanger apeall’ and so the name was born. Not terribly exciting, I know but it works. I also used this batik print fabric for the binding. It was a pain because it’s so much heavier then the main fabric but I love the look so it’s worth it.

Here’s the back. The white piece is interfacing. In all my latest projects I seam to of accidently cut into the fabric just at the very end of the project. I put interfacing on the indside and a cool patch on the outside. See photo two to see it. It ended up turning into a cool design detail.

A close up of the binding and the seams. This is probobly one of my best made pieces, sorry if your bored with the inside pictures.

P.s. I got a new cardigan. Made from lambswool it’s really warm and soft. I got it from cos.



  1. Ruffles Gazebo · October 9, 2012

    wow its really gorgeous! and yes she is right, lovely hanger appeal! what a nice little pattern. followed you over from burdstyle yay!

    • bluesewncat · October 10, 2012

      Thanks, I was really happy with how the inside turned out. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one appreciating it!

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