What I’ve been up to

Hi, I feel as though I’ve made no new projects since my coat, which while it’s true that I haven’t finished any projects I have started a few. With winter coming around the corner for most of us (and having already arrived in Ireland) I got back my knitting mojo. My last big project was my rowan jumper, which is getting tons of wear. Over my holidays I got this drops wool on sale. I nearly got grey but the woman in the shop pulled out black and I fell in love. I originally  wanted to make a jumper which I did start (see below) but then I realised that I really wanted a cardigan instead. I also had a pattern from rowan seascapes.

If your curious about the stitch it’s :K1 P1 Rick Rack P1 K1: You can leave a message if you want to know about the rick rack rib. I just found this in a stitch encyclopedia.

I also knitted up this jumper with my own pattern. It needs alot of adjusting but it knitted up really quickly, I love size 6mm needles.

I also made a knitting roll. It’s tied with a bit of lace, the outside is made of denim leftover from this skirt, and the inside of it is a cotton leftover from this top.

A mini pocket for holding bits and bobs.

That’s it. Hopefully I’ll have more sewing projects soon. I’m doing an evening course at the moment so I should have a new shirt soon-ish.


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