I have a question, I got this velvet last weekend and I’ve decided what to make with it but now I want to put lace with it and I don’t know which one (photos below)

This black cotton lace or…

This, a lace shoulder piece insertion. Below is the sketch.

It has a cowl back and a high front neckline, drawn in my fashionary.

Here is the lace with the velvet, I’m also thinking if I should use the lace at all.

Plus is it really obvious that I came up with the design immediatly after I watched downtown abbey! Mary’s wedding dress is gorgeous, and Sybils velvet one!

It’s not a great image but this is Mary’s wedding dress. I couldn’t find an image of the other dress but even if you watch a few episodes or even one just for the clothing, they are simply beautiful even if you don’t like period dramas just click mute!

By the way huge thanks to Gemma at submarines and sewing machines for the free add space! I was so happy that I was happy dancing around the place for an hour after ward!


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