Why am I smiling….

You may be wondering why I’m smiling, well…. I made myself a coat! Isn’t it cute, I love how it turned out.

I’ve had this coat finished for the past two weeks and then I had sewn up the toggles last week but it was too nice to take photo’s of it for the last week, please Irish weather doesn’t need any provoking.

Anyhoo… It’s made using some tweed that was my grandmothers, really nice quality and to me, free! I loved using it because apart from it being scratchy it was a nice weight to work with on the sewing machine. The whole of the wool has stayflex in it (super soft woven interfacing) and is lined with a green lining. I bought the stayflex while I was in the grafton academy and I bought the lining in studio 54.

I also got the buttons in rubenesque, they were €3 each but they were worth it. The toggles were made by moi out of faux leather bought in the woollen mills, sorry no link, you can read about it here. All I did with the toggles was cut roughly 2cm wide stripes and  hand sew a running or tacking like stitch to seal off the inside of the faux leather. The flaps of the pockets are made of the same faux leather and the top stitching is hand sewn as well.

I’m sorry for my many fashion crimes in this photo, socks with open top shoes, jean shorts with winter coat, but it was the end of the day and I was far too lazy to change. I absolutely love the look of the coat in this picture, the swing in the back of it is fantastic. That is why you cut to the grainline…

This is another of my own patterns, I made it during my last week in the Grafton academy. I actually sewed this up in 3 and 1/2 days which I’m very proud of considering it’s my first coat and full lining! The design was loosely based on this coat, ever since I’ve seen this coat I’ve wanted to make something similar, for a year now I keep on going back to the photos to oogle over it.

I specifically designed it to be loose enough to fit my jumpers and have the shoulders fit so I love the look and it’s practical!

Here’s a photo of the collar while it’s down, I think I  the collar up even though that wasn’t the original design. Well that’s my coat, I’m really happy with it.



  1. gingermakes · September 10, 2012

    This is crazy cute! I can’t believe you designed it yourself! Well done!

  2. wiseknits · September 27, 2012

    The coat looks so cozy and I love the pockets! So awesome!

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  5. nette · November 1, 2012

    Dear bluesewncat,
    Thanks for having linked to your coat on my post! I adore your coat and agree, that the swing of the back is totally fantastic! You have done this pattern yourself? Chapeau! I would totally love to wear this, too! 🙂

    • bluesewncat · November 3, 2012

      Thanks for the reply, I just thought any inspiration for a new project is always good.

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