A new season and a new knit..

I’m knittting a cowl. I’ve joined the herringbone cowl group. The pattern has just been taunting me for ages and I finaly got some wool and picked up some needles so, why not!

Once you get the hang of the pattern it begins to knit up really quickly, this only a few hours worth. I really love the effect with the wool as well, a slightly more traditional look. It’s fitting in with my new collection (more news soon-ish).

Here is the wool I’m using. I got it in Kinsale in west Cork. This is the colour I used and it’s called Irish Heather colour 4709.

By the way, I love this label, don’t ask me why but even the fact that it doesn’t wrap around the ball is really nice. Well thats it, sorry for no sewing stuff but I still have some handsewing left on my coat but it’s nearly finished.



  1. stepsbyn · August 30, 2012

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