V pocket skirt

A new skirt, and with my own pattern! This is my latest offering that I made in the grafton academy.

The fabric is a grey cupro (the ‘on pocket money’ version of silk, a.k.a the synthetic version!) Well the fabric drapes beautifully and when I finaly wore the finished skirt for the first time I was like “ooh thats nice!” It’s also, like silk, really soft. I was thinking of going barelegged all winter for that softness but in ireland I couldn’t go bare legged all summer 😦

Onto the pattern. The main design element of the skirt was the pockets. They’re ,as the title suggests, V-shaped. They slant in the front and the back to form a v-shape in the side seam. I’m telling you that having everything in the outside and the inside of the garment coming to one tiny point in slippy fabric…. . I don’t like slippy fabrics.

You can see the pocket more easily above. The skirt also has a ‘hi-low’ hem and a 3cm waist band.

Sorry for the whiteness of my legs but no sun=no tan. Sorry for the delay but my new ‘every other day’ policy with my laptop is crampin my style but I’m loosing too much knitting time. I know that sounds weird but when I was on holidays I got so much done because I didn’t have a computer with me so the new policy comes in. Hopefully i’ll be back with something soon, spoiler alert! I’m making a coat!



  1. saxsilverain · August 23, 2012

    i was just thinking of making a cupro skirt too 😀 yours come out so well! great job!

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