Me-Made-Holiday part 2

The second part of my me-made-holiday, sorry for the delay

Day 9: Travel day

Sorry, no pic for today but it was one of those jeans and tee day so not much point in sharing anyway. We traveled from the south of the country to the north and arrived in Stockholm. We just chilled when we arrived as it was already five o’clock.

Day 10: Shopping!

I’m wearing my denim skirt. Please excuse the bug bite. That day we hit the town, if you ever visit Stockholm make sure to leave time for the huge ahlens city. That place is amazing! Unfourtunatley I found no fabric shops but I did find a craft shop just outside ahlens and found some really cheep sheep skin, only remnats though but still it was a good find.

Day 11:

Town day. We went around town again and spent way too long in a cafe for lunch! The food was so good though and it’s one of those cafes that you just want to spend forever in. This outfit is actually what I wore for dinner. It’s originall posted here.

Day 12:

We went gamla stan, (where the photo is taken) which essentially means old town and as you can guess is old. Lots of old medieval streets, situated on their own little island. The top is posted here, actually pictured with this same cardigan too…

Here is my evening outfit

In the evening we went on a dinner cruise around stockholms archepeligo. The scenery was simply stunning. At sunset the archipeligo looked stunning. As far as cities go, I think stockholm is one of the prettiest. Jumper posted here.

Day 13: Last day 😦

We spent the day walking around an island full of museums. It was really fun though as just across the brigde there were a bunch of ducks and baby ducklings, or little fluff balls as I like to call them. You may have noticed that I am wearing the same outfit as in day 10 but it was the end of the holidays and that skirt is so comfy. You can find the link to the skirt in day 10.

Last day was another travel day, going back home.

This outfit is laid out on my bed at home because I had already changed into my pajamas before I realised I had to take the picture. Sorry i’m not perfect as to remember but i’m only human. I decided that this was a good compromise. There will be more info on the top soon!

Thats it! Hope you enjoyed my holiday posts. I’ll be back soon, I promise, with a new skirt. Bye for now and happy sewing!



  1. Pia. · August 22, 2012

    Hi I found your blog through your lovely raincoat post on Burdastyle. ( Im trying to make a rain poncho )
    I saw that you were sad to see the Woolen Mills close down, well it might cheer you up to hear that there is a new material shop on Capel Street and I think it might be run by the staff from the Woolen Mills. I spotted a Woolen Mills stock book on their counter.
    I know the owner of the Woolen Mills and she was sad to close the family business down but her heart just wasn’t in it anymore and no other family members wanted to take it on. She did sell part of the business to the staff.

    • bluesewncat · August 22, 2012

      Thanks, I heard that the staff were oppening a new shop but I wasn’t what street they were opening in.

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