So sew weekly.

This weeks sew weekly challenge was to make what you really need. I made the top because I wear my jersey tops to death and don’t own that many long sleeved tops considering the dreary weather of Ireland. I also don’t own a pair of black shorts or a black skirt. Case set I took my ideas to the grafton academy.

I got the fabric for the top in britex fabrics last summer in their remnant floor. It’s 100% cotton and soo soft, I’m thinking of making a long sleeved top with it next. The fabric for the shorts was also a remnant from Murphy Sheehy’s that I got a few months ago and is a heavy cotton. The inner band and pocket is made in a liberty print that was leftover after fixing my moms coat pockets.

Sorry for the funny shape after re-alignment. Both patterns from this outfit are made from my own patterns and I’m kinda proud of them. The top was inspired by another top but evolved into something else entirely. The shorts however were inspired by maci after five‘s shorts. I was in love with them but couldn’t find the pattern so they were top of my list to design.

A view of the inner pocket. Below a view of the inner band…

I’m happy with how they turned out and I should get alot of wear out of them (with tights of course, I’d be daft to have bear legs in Irish weather after September!) Please excuse the nail varnish and the garden. I swear we cut it the day before we left for holidays and we were only gone for two weeks!

I’ve finally compiled the pics for my me-made-holiday and apart from one or two days they’re all there, be back soon!



  1. gingermakes · July 30, 2012

    Good on you for making things that you need and will actually wear! I’m so impressed that you made the patterns– they both look great!

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