Dreaming of holidays while hating Mondays.

I’m back!

Sorry about the photo quality. As the title suggests my holidays are over and I’m getting the Monday blues. Its not too bad since I’m doing a summer sewing course but still. Also I was successful in my ‘Me-Made-Holiday’. This is actually one of the pics for it. I’m still compiling the photos for it so for the time being I’ll show you some of my holiday pics. For interests sake I was in Sweden for my holidays, feel free to comment if you want to know where a specific place is. As the Swedes say ‘Hej då’.

Sorry they’re not as good as the ones on Wiksten but I only have a baby digital camera instead of a SLR.

This is one of the longest panoramic shots I’ve taken, the tree at the top is actually 180 degrees away from the ground!



  1. Silverain · July 28, 2012

    hi there! i noticed you added me as a friend in Burdastyle.com, and so i visited your blog.. and was surprised to see that you’ve just visited Vasa ship museum in Stockholm! 😀 i was just there too this summer, which was why i decided to drop you a line (pointless, but nice coincidence!). anyway, nice meeting you & hope to see more of your sewing projects!

    • bluesewncat · July 28, 2012

      Thanks for dropping by! I’ve been going to that museum since I was little so I thought I’d include it in the post 🙂

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