Rain Coat!

Look what I made! I have a rain coat. I actually made this two weeks ago but havn’t been able to get pics of it. It was hilarious because while making this it was raining and I felt as if the universe was blessing me but as soon as I decided to take pics of it Ireland decided to go into the muggiest, hottest weather so far this year! Ah well I have the pics now 🙂

 The coat is actually a true rain coat because I made it with waxed cotton so it’s waterproof. I got the fabric at studio 54. I love that shop but can rarely afford the fabric there, although they do have the best zip collection in Dublin.

I used coat Q in this book. I was suprised at the fit of this coat. I’m a larger size then the ones in the pattern book so the swing of the coat was a surprise. I didn’t make any adjustments to the pattern.

 One of the things that i added to the coat that wasn’t in the pattern was that i finished it off  well. I used flat- felled seams and binding made with the same fabric as this top. I love the look although I feel a little silly wearing the coat and top together because it looks a little matchy-matchy.

Here’s a close up of the inside. I despise hemming but love binding things so I used binding to finish off the raw edge. I also did this to edge where the hood meets the body, then armholes and on the raw edge of the facing too. I didn’t use any interfacing on this because I wanted to be able to fold it up small like my old one.

That’s about it, sorry for all the tecknical terms. In the meantime during this week I was at the grafton academy . I made this really cute dress which I should show soon but for the meantime I’ll leave you with this! By the way the skirt I’m wearing was blogged about here, see ya!



  1. theperfectnose · July 23, 2012

    Cool, it looks really well made and I love the colour, it goes great with your hair. Did you treat the seams in any way to further waterproof them?

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