Autumn, winter collections 2012


My dad came back from Germany today. He gave me this as he came through the door. I love it, it also gives me my first look of this years autumn winter collections.

 I’d love to knit something like this, or something in that colour. I’ve discovered that while I can’t wear bright reds or pinks, oranges are fair game! Come to think of it my mom has wool in a similair colour to this, maybe I could ‘borrow’ it!



I also love this Valentino dress (in the middle with lace cut out). I adored Valentio’s summer collection so I was so excited about what they would do for winter.

So far, my favourite collection is from Hermes, and my least favourtie is Louis Vuitton.

Onto something besides fashion. I am now on my first week of summer holidays and intend to start in style. Hence my milkshake, I used the easiest method ever here. It’s was so delicious that I dug up this cute straw and spoon to go with!

No, I did not make nutella, but I did make this with nutella, not thinking that it would never set. I can still use it as a very nice spread, it’s especialy good on pancakes. It is dangerous though. 3 minutes and time to set and you’re done. I ended up putting it back into the jar because it was taking up too much space in the frigde. Maybe I could freeze some of this stuff and make the most unhealthy ice pop ever!

I’ll share some sewing soon but for now here are a few good websites for recipies that I’ve come across.


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