Today was the best and the worst…..

I’ll explain the odd title now. Today was my first day of summer holidays. I’ve finished my exams! I have this subject called Home ec which was my last exam and the last question was “design and describe a casual summer top” I litraley lept with joy inside(I was in an exam hall after all..)

Anyway back to the day, summer sales started today and my mom took me around town. We were at the knitting shop and heard that the woolen mills (one of the 3 fabric shops in dublin) was closing down. That shop has been open for 104 years! 4 generations! It was so depressing but of course when a shop closes down it also has a closing down sale. I got lots of great stuff but it’s still pretty depresing.

First off I got 5 meters of calico since i’m going to the grafton in the summer. I’m so exicted, i’m doing 2 weeks prior to going away and then another four after! I’m gonna have all of the design basics.

 I also got this little piece of faux leather, I was inspired by this so expect to see something soon!

I got this poly wool mix as well. I got 2 meters and I’m thinking of a pair of trousers and maybe a pair of shorts with the left over.

I know that the cover of this is quite 90’s but i like the actual design and it was only €2.

 here’s everything else, including buttons, zips, crochet egding pattern, cold wash dye, serger thread in black and white, an awl and gutterman thread.

On another note i also got this bag from  selected femme, I’ve been eyeballing this for ages and finaly I bought it! €60 something euros to €36!

I’ll be showing you my projects soon but the weather was too cold and drizzly today but i’m free all next week!



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