My week

Look what arrived in the post for me today!(the tape is now on my corkboard!It’s so cute)

A new Japanese pattern book courtesy of pomadour 24, her shop is brilliant. She gives info of the book such as whats inside, the patterns and the sizing. That was one of the reasons that I got this book, the sizing. It has normal sizes, that’s right 32″ and 34″ waists can go japanese! You could always grade patterns but that’s my least favourtite thing about them and the pattern can look not quite right, too.

 I’m thinking of a green linen that I have in my stash with cream for the back. Love the peter pan collar but the saging on the trousers, I’m sorry but I just think that it’s a waste of fabric…




I have some blue jersey in my stash that will be perfect for this! Seeing this book has made me see new light in some of my fabrics, go stash busting!




P.s. I have a new tank + tutorial coming your way soon, I’m saving the tank for my end of exams day which is tomorow although the rain and me may have different plans!(it looks like it’s flooding outside at the moment!)



  1. Anne-Marie · June 15, 2012

    Hi Niamh this is Nina I really loved looking at all of your pictures ,your AMAZING!!! at sewing I thought that your skirt was lovely.

    • bluesewncat · June 16, 2012

      Thanks, I hope to have more out over the summer as I just finished my exams!

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