Liberty again….

Here’s my new top! Well not really I made it last year and have just not posted about it yet. I made this at  the Grafton Academy. I went for a summer course. The place is amzing! Set up in this huge georgian town house with over 3 levels of sewing goodness 😀 I could not reccomend this place more, I went in a beginner and came out an intermediate. It is pricey but well worth it. They have pattern making and dress making courses all year round too. This is where I want to go for college too! Sorry onto the top.

As said in the title this is liberty fabric, my third post now I think! I actually got this in the Liberty store when I went to London last easter. To say it was pricey was an understatement, but it was well worth it, I mean the print is to die-fore gorgeous!

 I used pattern Vogue 1247 for the third time, used before here and the other I haven’t posted yet! Since this is actually the first one i made there are no adjustments made to the pattern although I coould’ve gone a size smaller. All in all i love this top and I’m looking forward to the warmer weather so that I can wear some more.

Here’s a close up of the front, all lines matcing, quite nicely made if I do say so myself!

Another close up of the pleats at the shoulder seam. I love the drape and elagance they add to the top.

 Sorry for the crumplyness of the back but the print kinda matched up so I wanted to show you, this was sheer fluke though….

That’s it. I already have a top made but I’m saving it for my last day of exams! Wish me luck, cause i really need it. With all the studying I now only have time to study, craft and eat 😀

See ya next week!


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