My birthday was last week on Thursday so I decided to take some pics of my  gifts. This is a 1930’s camera that I got. i actually first saw it and fell in love. There was a guy selling them in,0,1165564616374958680&ei=FFTGT83zIs6YhQfk85SxBQ&oi=local_result&sqi=2&ved=0CDAQ_BIwBw

Sorry about the link but it won’t turn out right, anyway so I squeeled in joy when I first saw this guy’s stall. He also had 1950’s cameras and even 1920’s pinhole cameras. I know where I’ll ask for my christmas gifts!

I also got these. During my trip in Scotland we passed a little shop where they bound their own notebooks. They also had cute jewlery at the back and classes in the evenings. I love the covers and my mom got an A5 and an A4. the smaller one has leather along the side. I’ve already started filling the smaller one but I’m saving the larger one for my summer holidays as I’m in exam mode at the moment.

I also got some books from my dad. Art deco architecture, ahhh… my dad knows me well. And the fashion design book I just drooled over it. It has tons of designs by all the main designers and some of their mood boards are….. AWE- worthy.

This was another item that was got in Scotland. While we were in Edinburgh my mom took me to this altra cool, altra expensive knitting shop. She saw, she swarmed, she asked. My mom actually got it for  me, I was so excited when I opened the packadge. I immediately  started knitting this shall. My mom got this pattern book a while back but so far none of the projects have been made from it. I’ve been knitting it since Euro Vision.

Last of all I wanted to show you my ring. It’s apparently an antique indian ring. I love, the stone is so cool is it not! And it fits perfectly, I’ve been wearing it non-stop since I got it 😀 It’s now officially my favourite piece of jewlery.

That’s my birthday round-up, I have made a super-cute Liberty tank too, which I’ll show within the week. I have the pics so see ya…


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