Silk T-shirt

I actually made this ages ago but haven’t been able to photograph it. It’s top E from Happy Homemade Vol.1.

I got the fabric for this on sale in rubanesque. While I was there I saw the black lace trim so that was then added too.

When I first saw the top pattern I was afraid that it would look too stiff so I decided to make it in a fabric as light as possible but not chiffon (evil chiffon!- never use it unless really expierienced, you’ve been warned). I thougth that the fabric would be really tricky to sew but  it behaved and it I love the result.

Another first for this top was that I used french seams. First thing I was told by my Auntie was ‘use french seams’ , turns out they’re not actually that hard. Now i’m always using them! then and flat felled seams, zig-zag is gone.

This is defintely one of those items of clothing that I would pass to other sewing enthusiasts with joy and pride. This is defintely going to be one of my summer staples.

I have also made myself some birthday shorts which i’ll be posting shortly so stay tuned! I’ll leave you with this really cool artist that I saw recently,



  1. Such lovely blouse xx

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