Scotland; Part two

Here are the fabrics I bought during my trip.From the bottom up; Armani lace( I actually got this in my local shop but it’s so pretty), New season remnant Liberty silk, ultra thin cotton print, Shiny and raw sided thick silk, Liberty cotton lawn.

I had to show you the lace at the bottom of the fabric, I was so happy to get this for €22 for 1 1/2 meters since it was usually €20 for a meter.

This was my best find of the holidays. We were at our last day in Glascow when I was brought to mandors. I walked around the shop and then discovered they had racks of liberty print fabrics, more importanly they had a whole rack of remnant liberty silk. She saw, she wanted, she bought for £12! Best buy of my trip! I’m still in awe of it. I’ve found the perfect t-shirt style, back button up blouse from burda style.

I also got wool during my trip. On our last day of the trip we visited the John Lewis centre in Edinburgh. My mom and I got the biggest surprise to discover they had a sewing section, and a haberdashery section and best of all! A HUGE knitting section with lots of rowan wool. I loved it so much I’m now making a jumper with linen wool, I can’t wait to finish it!

Thats it, I have a denim skirt on the way so I’ll be back soon.



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