Wool, crepe dress

This is my new dress and as you can see I love it! I used dress H from the pattern book below. The fabric may look familiar. I posted about it here as a christmas gift.

The crepe was really nice to work with.Just the right amount of stretch and a good weight for dresses. The even better thing is that my grandad gives me extra fabric for mistakes so I still have nearly three meters left! It was so wide that I could fit both the front and back main sections on the same part of fabric at the same time! I’m already planning my next project with this stuff!

I made very few alterations to the dress. The main change was that I took out the gathered sleeve pieces and opted for something more simple after seeing this dress. I love the simple shape but wasn’t ready for the ‘V’ in the back!

It’s hard to see but this dress was my first attempt at flat felled seams. They came out pretty well, partially due to the well matching thread and partially due to luck! I will definitely be trying these types of seams in the near futur.

This dress is also lined with this very soft maroon lining that was also part of the gift. i didn’t use any fancy seam-work for the lining. Just my usual zig-zag but I neat topstitching where I connected it to the outer material along the neckline as seen in the below picture.

A back view for you all to see, please don’t scrutinize the saftey pin. It was a Saturday and I wanted to wear my new dress!

Here’s something small I started working on. I had a want to make a friendship bracelet and a willing home! I got the pattern from here. I really want to make one of these too. heart shapes in a friendship bracelet!



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