A new pencil case

This is my latest project. I saw this. I loved the look but I’m not good with embroidery so I came up with this tartan and mustard combo.

I love how the navy zipper looks against the mustard and the tartan. This project was really quick and easy. It was made of two rectangles and a square at the back.

This is just a closeup of some of the top stitching.

Well I do have a dress near enough completion but I’m not going to give a date because my llife is really stressful right now! Here’s a new artist that I came across recently.



  1. Anne-Marie · February 3, 2012

    Hi Nina and I love your tartan pencil case, also really like that grey skirt.
    Can’t wait to see what you do with the green leather, I like your bag ideas.

    • bluesewncat · February 4, 2012

      Hi, Niamh here, I probably not going to be able to make anything with the leather for a while as I don’t have any switches or needles that work with leather! Thanks for your kind comments.

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