a new bag + summer ideas

Sorry about not posting in a while but I have my first project of 2012 nearly finished! This here is some scrap mulberry leather. It was in my local fabric shop. I had gathered my pieces from their remnant bin (including a lightweight black with paisley pattern overlay for €6.50) and the lady told me she would give me this for only €16!

My nana gave my this linen recently whick turned out to be very close in colour although I have no idea what the last person who had this was doing!

 This is a Japaneses pattern book that I got during my summer holiday. I have yet to make something with it but the one at the bottom of the left page combined with the strap from the right that can fit an A4 sketch pad and my vogue collection magazine!

Underneath is a sketch that I made of the bag that I’d like to make.

The two pics above are of a Yves Saint Laurent green jacket    (marked with red) and  a black Valinto dress (marked with green)  I’ve already started planning my summer projects, light weight fabrics in my stash are calling to me! why is summer over 3 months away!

I should have a grainline inspired project for you this weekend! Bye


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