A grey skirt

This is a late update but I wanted to show it. This is made with the Simplicity pattern 2512 by Cynthia Rowley. I love most of her patterns and have made several of them before. This is my second time making the pattern, the first was with turquoise-green linen fabric, I liked the fit but I made it badley and the material creased at every opportunity!

I wanted to show you both the front and back view as I love the green metal zip in the back. I still have to put a hook and eye into it but that’s for another day!

Here are the adjustments I made to the pattern.

1.) I sewed the front band together at the top instead of using binding. When I made this before the curve was very tricky to get right and I wasn’t a very advanced sewer.

2.) I made the front piece in two sections. I was making this from scraps and had no grainline or main piece to go by. I ended up compromising  some main pieces but I managed to have the band pieces as wholes.

3.) I took out the belt. I was simply too tired to add anything else and I used a metal zip instead of a invisible zip.

A close up of the band at the front and zip at the back.

Hopefully I’ll post something soon, I’m making a cowl of my own design, it’s very simple but I  might do up the instructions on a water colour paper with text underneath so that it can be translated by google translate.

I saw this on a big screen in the cinema and I wanted to share it even though people have probably seen it!


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