Christmas Time

Sorry that I haven’t posted anything in a while but I had my holidays and all! These are the books I got for christmas. Working from top to bottom is 101 things I learned in Architecture SchoolI am cute dressesLiberty book of home sewing and Architect’s Sketchbooks.

I was so happy to recieve all of them that I had to be dragged from the sofa to leave them!

This was my gift from my mom. I have a real thing for nail varnish, especially the bright glimmer-y kind. I have another type of purple nail varnish that cracks when put on as an over coat which would look cool over the copper!

And the biggest surprise of my christmas was this. I got this from my grandad. He also got my the fabric for this. It’s a maroon crepe with matching lining, thread and invisible zipper. It also comes with some black ribbon for a neckline detail! Ihave a pattern in mind for this so I should hopefully have that up within a week or two.

I got to go to Sweden for christmas this year with my parents so my dad insisted that we watch this. This is only the opening scene but nearly all parts of it are up on youtube in reasonably good quality so a late Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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