Christmas gifts

This hat is an early christmas gift given to me from my mom. She made with this ultra soft merino wool and I am absolutly in love with the shape, she calls it my rasta hat!

This feature is one of my favourites and is also what drew my mom to the pattern in the first place. The lace pattern of the hat works into neat lines at the top. Whoever made the pattern is pretty damn skilled!

Onto my next part of the post. I was hoping to get this finished to show you for Sunday but now it’s Monday and it’s still not finished!

This is the top in it’s near completed state. Unfortunately I still have to take in the sides a bit and do up the neckline but i recently found this ribbon around and thought “they look good together, yay another one out of the stash!” And so this is the other thing to finish on the top. Besides that I finished my Chris Kindle project.

I simply love Ikea canvas materials. They don’t fray like mad, they’re cool prints and most important Iike my case, thy’re cheap! €3 I payed for a half a meter or whatever amount it weighed. I forgot to take a picture of it but on the inside on the lining I put a little message saying who it’s made for and by whom, just a personal touch! I might do a tutorial on it but it’s almost exactly the same as here except I don’t sew down the corners and my lining is sewn in by top stitching the outside.

And finaly, last but not least is my chocolate christmas yule log.

It’s basicly a swis roll with chocolate butter icing on top and iinside. I’ve had to wait a while before dinner to eat this but from all my spoon licking it’s gonna be pretty good!

P.s. Have a good christmas as this will probably be my last post before it!


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