My First time plaid success!

Today I come back to you with a first time dress. First shirt-dress, first plaid dress, first collar etc etc….

And yes the hair is natural, sorry it’s one of those questions people always ask me….

Anyway back to the dress. This dress ‘V’ from stylish dress book. This pattern was not quite a dream. The way the collar and neckband came together, i’m very happy about but the panel at the front was not intentional, but c’est good, no…. Overall the shape is good and the only allteration I made was to use bias binding instead of the neckband.

Sorry about the bad computer writing but it is my first time trying it out. Notice how the plaid lines up! I was so happy with the effect. I had no idea how to line up plaid at all, this fabric was a surprise actually. I got it from my grandfather. He went into a fabric shop for over an hour bought this, it’s cotton and the tone look really good! Plus he got bias binding and two spools of thread! My mom says he got help but I like to think differently. Back to the plaid. I transferred the lines from one pre-pined piece of the pattern to the material to the other piece of the pattern. I might do a tutorial on what I did if people are interested.

That’s about it, enjoy the rest of your weekend and advent!

Also, I got some pics back the other day from my local camera store and I have to share them with you….

see you soon! I’m also making socks for the same grandad who got me the fabric with this pattern….


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