A weekend trip to Galway

I have had such a hectic week that I’ve almost forgotten about my weekend. Since I had Friday off I went to Galway with my parents. it was such as nice trip especially with all the stress going on in my life right now! Plus it was one of the last weekend in Ireland with good weather. So not only on my trip did I get some brilliant new books, I also got to take some pics with my smaller digital camera and my huge 1975 Canon manual SLR camera!

I also got some good books since there are alot of really good and cheap bookshops around Galway.

On top of all that did I happen to mention that I also got some new wool. Donegal tweed thats not to wooly and not too soft. Here’s the best bit it’s the size of four to five balls of wool in one lone continuous strand. It’s not completed yet but it looks so good I can’t wait till it is!

 You can find all the details here on my ravelry accout.

Well ‘adieu’ as the French say or the ‘Slan go foill’ (bye for now) as the irish say!


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