A new jumper and something for your tea…..

Well as for the jumper, I’ve seen a lot of fisherman’s cabled jumpers around lately. Unfourtunatly I have no buget! All of my money is saved up for the upcoming knitting and stitching show. I also got the wool from my nana a while back plus the I had the pattern around so it will be an almost free jumper! Here it is….

                                                                                                                                                 Of course it’s not finished yet but I’m preety chuffed with myself since I’m awful at cables but the at the top back I made the cable pattern myself. The pattern is from this knitting book  which is well writtien so fingers crossed that the rest of it will turn out well!

As for the other part of my post…. This is a bit of a random thing but it is just so cute I had to show him off!

I love herbal tea so this little guy is perfect, plus he floats in my tea cup which on rainy days (as you can see outside the window) alsways makes me smile! That’s all for now, see you soon when I’ll hope fully have this coat pattern down there finished!


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